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Over 50 years of experience in metal manufacturing

While there are many reasons customers continue to choose W.M. Kelley, chief among them are the experience that comes with longevity, the capacity to handle a wide range of needs and a reputation for reliability.


Not only has W.M.Kelley been manufacturing metal components, assemblies and equipment for nearly half a century, but our team has decades of accumulated experience across every facet of the process from design to delivery. No matter the need, we have the experience to develop a solution that works and keeps working.


Under one roof at W.M. Kelley, you’ll find 120,000 square feet containing a full array of laser cutting, metal forming, welding and powder coating equipment and more, plus complete design capabilities and the expertise to take your parts or projects from concept to completion.


You don’t build a business over fifty years based on referrals and repeat business unless you’re delivering consistent quality year in and year out. Our reputation rests on our ability to manufacture what you need to your exact specifications and within your time constraints.

WM Kelley Employee Owned

Our Mission

To provide a quality product on time for our customer and a quality work atmosphere for our employees.