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Complete Metal Fabrication

W.M. Kelley has the ability to design/build your product or work from customer supplied drawings. We are a complete metal fabrication facility with the following capabilities:

Laser Cutting

For precision and consistency, custom laser cutting is the gold standard. Laser cutting can hold tighter tolerances (guaranteed at 0.005) with clean, burr-free cuts. This greater accuracy, plus the increased production speed it provides, means decreased waste, shorter production times and a lower cost to the customer. At W.M. Kelley, we have the laser-cutting capacity and expertise to meet your most demanding specifications.

WM Kelley Laser Cutting
WM Kelley Metal Forming

Metal Forming

Whether your requirements are short run 1 off or larger production runs, carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum W.M. Kelley has the expertise and equipment to perform to all of your expectations. With the latest in press brake technologies we can hold your dimension requirements and your schedule as well.


The metal cutting experts at W.M. Kelley have decades of experience and have made the commitment to equip with state of the art sawing equipment. Whether it’s large structural beams or lightweight aluminum tubing we have the right equipment for demanding projects, high volume or fast turnaround projects.

WM Kelley Sawing
WM Kelley Welding


W.M. Kelley offers a full-service welding department with all of our welders certified at varying levels. From our most experienced fitters to our production welders we can offer you Mig and Tig welding at the highest quality. We have the capabilities to build production fixtures as needed, we can offer die checking if required and we can source ex-ray as well.

Powder Coating

Powder coating from W.M. Kelley offers an environmentally friendly, solvent-free approach to sealing or coating parts with a range of colors and textures, a durable finish that can resist high levels of salt and abrasiveness, and options designed to withstand prolonged sunlight without fading. From thorough pre-treatment wash and applying the right powder coating for your needs to baking it for a lasting finish and preparing it for shipping, our team gets all the details right. We offer an array of stock colors or can have powder custom made to your color specs.

WM Kelley Powder Coating
WM Kelley Painting

Wet Painting

For situations where we are not able to powder coat, be it high heat limitations, part size limitations or any other limitations we can offer complete wet painting capabilities in either enamel or epoxy finished.

Assembly and Testing

At W.M. Kelley, our services extend beyond manufacturing components to completed assemblies and testing. We have experienced mechanics capable of completing your assembly requirements, we have the capability to test run motors, pneumatic systems and hydraulic systems. If your requirements include a long term endurance test we can also facilitate these needs.

WM Kelley Assembly Services
WM Kelley Design Planning

Designing and Detailing

W.M. Kelley has years of experience designing all types of conveyor components and complete conveyor systems. Your material handling needs will be discussed, analyzed and designed to your specifications. While we primarily work in Solidworks we have the capability to work with Autocad and Inventor. Customers can supply their own drawings for us to work from and create shop details, or we can drive the process and develop the design for the equipment requirements.

WM Kelley Pipe Sawing
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