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Your complete source for metal fabrication

W.M. Kelley is your complete source for metal fabrication. Within our 100,000 sq. ft. facility, you’ll find the technology and expertise to design and build whatever you need, as well as working from customer supplied drawings and specifications.

An employee-owned, non-union manufacturing facility established in 1970 in New Albany, Indiana, we have nearly fifty years of experience in metal manufacturing for material handling and other industries. With state of the art fabrication equipment, we specialize in the design and manufacture of material handling equipment, custom metal fabrication components and complete assemblies.

It’s a testament to our reliability, attention to detail and dedicated customer service that our business continues to be driven by repeat business and referrals from existing customers.

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Since I started in 2006 I’ve worked closely with W. M. Kelley Company and we’ve built a strong strategic partnership that has allowed growth for both companies. W. M. Kelley’s quality engineered steel has kept our company and our customers extremely satisfied and the results have been continued repeat business. Great company!
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We are proud to participate in WasteWise, and work hard to provide our customers with quality products while doing our part to remain eco-friendly. WasteWise is a voluntary partnership sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps organizations and businesses apply sustainable materials management practices in developing or improving waste prevention, recycling and sustainable materials management in their waste-handling processes.

Employee Ownership

W.M. Kelley is 100% employee owned. What does that mean to you as a customer? Simply this: as an owner, every team member, regardless of his or her role and responsibilities, is focused on the company’s success. So each and every person understands that success means providing each and every customer with the highest quality and reliability, each and every day. Because of this, our customers benefit from a team that is relentlessly focused on getting the details right, and getting it done on time. That focus — the kind of commitment that comes from being 100% employee owned — is one of the many qualities that sets W.M. Kelley apart.

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