Chain Conveyor

Multi-Strand Chain conveyors are designed for reliable and efficient transportation of heavy unit loads.

Standard Features:

  • Frames constructed from heavy gage formed and welded steel
  • Supporting legs with adjustable feet provided
  • Chain size and number of strands to suit the application
  • Gear motor drives to suit desired conveying speed; inverter duty drives standard

Lauyans EPS chain conveyors can be utilized in many industries including automotive, metal finishing, appliance manufacturing and distribution, as well as industrial containers. Chain conveyors are also used in the painting and coating industry to better facilitate the painting process. Lauyans EPS can provide a dependable chain conveyor to handle the most difficult unit loads.

Chain conveyor options include:

  • Air dry enamel finish – customers’ choice of color
  • Chain attachments or fixtures for unique applications
  • Roller flight design for minimum pressure accumulation
  • Can be equipped with economical load lifters, for product accumulation
  • Reversing design

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