A Custom Conveyor System That Makes a Difference

Our client is one of the top producers of specialty elastomers in the world. Specialty elastomers? Typically, this is what we call synthetic rubber. WM Kelley was chosen to engineer and produce a new R&D line. The R&D process allows our client to create the proper chemical composition of synthetic rubbers to meet their clients’ … Continued

How do you remove the fat from an operation?

Look through the applications Lauyans EPS has designed and produced for our clients over the years. Many are conveyors that move products from one part of the production process to the next one. Others are work cells that allow a specific operation to be performed in the process as product passes through the cell. Here … Continued

The legend continues with a deep respect for the traditions…

Kentucky bourbon is legendary. Bourbon is associated with bluegrass, limestone, and horses. Bourbon is also associated with history. Most of the well-known bourbon brands hark back to distilleries that have been in business since the 1800s. Take a walk through a distillery. You’ll see old brick structures that are sometimes almost 200 years old. There … Continued

Seems simple. But it isn’t.

All of us have used aluminum foil wrap in our kitchen. Ever wonder about the process that takes place at the manufacturers? Here is the story. Aluminum foil was first produced to wrap chewing gum and candy bars over 110 years ago. Today, global aluminum foil production is worth more than $1.1 billion. Lauyan’s EPS … Continued

Simple. Fits a specific need. Perfectly.

Lauyans EPS produces highly complex material handling equipment. It can also design and produce material handling equipment that is uncomplicated and fits a specific need perfectly. This is an example of simplicity and versatility. It is a QC check station. The station is mounted adjacent to a stamping line. Periodically, stamped blanks of metal are … Continued

Forging Furnaces

Very Hot! Very Heavy! How to Move It? A Lauyans EPS client manufactures forging furnaces for various processes. In this project, their client needs a conveyor system to convey stock lengths of steel bar, from 17.68” to 19.76” in diameter to a saw where it is cut into lengths. The length of the blanks range … Continued

Critical Material Handling for Radioactive Waste

Lauyans EPS designs and manufactures material handling equipment for a wide variety of products. This includes automotive parts, packaged chicken, red-hot steel ingots, ice cream and even radioactive waste. In the mid-2000’s, Lauyans EPS was awarded the contract for the material handling equipment going into a plant built by the Department of Energy to repackage … Continued

A Train Load of Axles

Lauyans & Company helps our customers with their material handling needs. The range of products is huge. The products may be on pallets or in boxes. The product may a simple piece of steel tubing or a completed assembly. The conveyor may handle glowing steel forgings or cases of ice cream. Perhaps the load is … Continued

Material Handling Systems: Filling In the Gaps

Lauyans EPS helps large scale systems integrators “fill in the gaps” in the material handling systems for their customers. In this situation, our customer was installing a material handling system for a large national distillery. They needed two turntables to rotate 90 degrees and transfer pallets of product from one set of conveyors to the … Continued

Lauyans EPS helps cut shipping costs

Lauyans EPS has a reputation for material handling innovation. We solve difficult material handling problems. With our help, customers streamline their processes. Reduce their cost of operations. In this project, the end-user manufacturers hydraulic lifts for automotive repairs. Lauyans EPS was tasked with making the final product easier and quicker to ship. This cuts significant … Continued