Simple. Fits a specific need. Perfectly.

Lauyans EPS produces highly complex material handling equipment. It can also design and produce material handling equipment that is uncomplicated and fits a specific need perfectly.

This is an example of simplicity and versatility. It is a QC check station.

QC Station sits adjacent to a stamping line.

Blanks roll to a stop for “stoning.”

Pads raise to support the blank.

Pads are controlled pneumatically.

Quick change table insert allows accommodation of longer blanks.

The station is mounted adjacent to a stamping line. Periodically, stamped blanks of metal are sent off the stamping line for a QC check. The blanks roll down the incline and stop within reach of a QC operator. Pneumatic pads raise and steady the blank for an operation called “stoning.” The operator takes fine grit sandpaper and rubs the entire surface of the sample blank. Any dimples or pimples on the surface of the blank stand out.

The inbound ramp has been designed with both adjustable height and incline for versatility. This setup includes an “add-a-leaf” table to accommodate longer stampings. The regular sections can be separated to clear the way for the additional section. Quick change pneumatic connections speed the changeover.

Do you have a complicated material handling situation? Or a simple one? Lauyans EPS can help with either. Please contact us to discuss what you need.