Fully integrated handling custom conveyor

As a leading provider of standard, semi-standard as well as custom conveyors, Lauyans EPS has a long track record of providing successful conveyor systems.

From concept through design, fabrication, controls and installation, Lauyans EPS engages with our customers to provide systems that bring value. By incorporating standard products where feasible along with engineered products when required, we can provide our customers the best systems tailored to their needs and requirements.

  • Equipment concepts & estimates
  • Design engineering
  • Project management & fabrication
  • Controls design and integration
  • Job site installation
  • System start-up and training

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Conveyor System Types

Any type including roller, chain, belt, slat, Intralox style or walking beam. These conveyors can be supplied in standard duty, heavy duty, or extra heavy duty. They can be of standard construction or custom designed to handle special pallets or products of any size, shape, or weight. Lauyans EPS also has experience in providing equipment designed to withstand temperature extremes such as blast freezers or oven applications.

Dry goods distribution center
Chain driven live roller section with integrated air operated pusher

Conveyor Systems Accessories

Our conveyor accessories include, but are not limited to: stops, pushers, positioning and squaring devices, turntables, curves, weigh stations, guards, guides, fork truck barriers, pallet jack interface, maintenance platforms and mezzanines.

Complete Pallet Handling Capability

Chain driven live roller, multi-strand chain conveyor, transfers, dispensers/collectors, and other conveyor accessories as noted above all specifically designed for pallet handling. We know pallets.

Freezer pallet handling system
High speed transfer car design employing timing belt drive


90° chain or roller transfers, high or low speed transfer cars and shuttles with powered conveyors or extractors for bringing pallets or containers on and off the transfer.

Gantry Style Pick and Place Transfers

Gantry style pick and place transfers with vacuum or special clamping devices for handling a wide variety of small to large sheet, plate, boards, pallets, lids or other products.

Custom engineered overhead gantry pick and place system
Installation of a continuous vertical conveyor handling cased goods


Low or high speed reciprocating lifts with or without conveyor beds designed to meet your application needs. Lauyans EPS also has a continuous vertical conveyor designed for package handling.


Lauyans EPS has many years of experience dispensing/collecting pallets, totes, and slave boards.

Pallet dispenser that feeds pallets to operator input stations prior to induction to an AS/RS
Roll-over with live roller bed sections - used to orient product prior to auto palletizing

Custom / Specialty Equipment

AS/RS pickup and delivery systems, product rollover devices, over/under delivery systems, ergonomic equipment, slave board inserters, tote lidding machines, dumpers and specialty one of a kind equipment as required to meet your needs.

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Our goal is to not only provide the equipment you need, but to help you develop a comprehensive solution.

In designing your custom conveyor system solution, we focus on your needs, your business, and your budget.