When a process requires the moving of heavy, hazardous or unique-sized loads, the Lauyans EPS team can design customized conveyors and equipment. Our custom conveyors are engineered to reduce operator fatigue, prevent accidents, and provide increased efficiency. We’ve integrated our custom conveyors and equipment into environments with:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Automated production processes
  • Precise positioning for robotic unitizing

We have developed hundreds of custom applied solutions for a diverse range of applications and industries. Contact us to discuss your project needs.

Beyond the Catalog

We understand that many applications require taking a look beyond stock catalog conveyors. These applications may include:

  • Requires conveyor interface with Robots, AS/R Stacker Cranes, AGV’s, or other equipment requiring precise positioning
  • Requires unique “Pick N Place” equipment
  • Is in an extreme environment (temperature, operating conditions, other)
  • Requires moving heavy, hazardous or unique-sized loads

Our team has extensive experience in developing customized material handling solutions including custom conveyors. We are ready to meet your challenges and help you realize your goals.

Tell us about your project.

Let Us Help

Our goal is to not only provide the equipment you need, but to help you develop a comprehensive solution.

In designing your custom conveyor system solution, we focus on your needs, your business, and your budget.