W.M. Kelley Capabilities and Services

Lauyans EPS is an innovative engineering company providing industry with Material Handling Equipment and Conveyor Systems. Lauyans EPS has the capability of providing the necessary resources to fulfill the most demanding request. Lauyans EPS capabilities and services are as follows:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Equipment and System Controls
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installation
  • R & D and Prototyping

Our customers are our boss! You pick and choose any of our capabilities and services with which to best serve your project. We want to make sure that we meet and exceed your expectations.


Our projects start with a solid design and engineering process. It is important to analyze and evaluate the situation and project requirements. A major strength of Lauyans EPS is our approach to solving problems for our customers. Even before we start to engineer the project, we strategically go through the “what-if’s” and target the best solution. Our team develops a solution that meets all of your objectives and assure that we can produce a solid return on investment for you.


Lauyans EPS is known for producing quality equipment and systems that give our customers what they require and expect. Our fabrication craftsmen are equipped with a mind set to be flexible with the customer’s ever changing requests. Every aspect of the manufacturing process, including cutting, welding, painting, and assembly is constructed to the customer’s specifications. Our craftsmen are highly experienced and the best at what they do.
Engineering Design

Project Management

From the very start, project management sets up a path for this success. Every project must incorporate scheduling, planning, meeting and a wide array of other activities to hold everyone accountable for the task they have been given, including our customer. Lauyans EPS embraces the demanding discipline of project management for every project requiring a high degree of control. This high degree of control ensures that the project is done correctly and we will earn our customer’s appreciation.
Project Management

Equipment and System Controls

The design and manufacturing of the equipment/system is only one piece of the puzzle. The equipment must have motion and intelligence to perform a required task. That intelligence is accomplished through electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic controls combined with the brains of the system software and programming. Lauyans EPS has the ability to ensure that the intelligence of each piece of equipment and/or system will meet all of the customer’s requirements. Lauyans EPS has the experience and knowledge to provide all the electrical hardware, wiring, programming, pneumatic and hydraulic piping relating to the equipment and on-site installation.

Equipment and System Controls

Mechanical and Electrical Installation

It is essential to verify the success of the design, engineering, fabrication, equipment and system controls before turning the project over to the customer. Our team will do as much or as little of the equipment installation as required by the customer including mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, startup and training. We also have the capability to do shop testing and run off of the equipment or system prior to shipment. Our experts will continue testing and debugging the project until the customer is completely satisfied.
Custom pallet transfer cars

R&D and Prototyping

In some cases, the first concept for a project may not necessarily be the best concept. When value can be added for a critical project, it may be necessary to invest in research and development. In this way, the concepts can be studied, designed and tested before it goes to manufacturing. In some cases, the R&D investment may produce a more cost effective result. Lauyans EPS has the history of innovation, the years of experience, the technical abilities, the skilled people and the clear understanding of how to meet our customers’ needs. These form the foundation of our promise to our customers of excellence in Material Handling.


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