Low Temperature Conveyor

Lauyans EPS is the leading innovator in custom low temperature conveyor systems.

Designed to suit the application:

  • Designed to suit application
  • Actuators are typically all-electric; hydraulics used in some applications
  • Gear case and bearing lubricants selected per the application
  • Withstands temperatures of -25F°

For three decades we’ve been custom fabricating a wide variety of low temperature conveyors and related equipment. Specifically designed to handle extremely cold conditions, our low temperature conveyors perform reliably in frigid environment applications such as:

  • Frozen food processing
  • Frozen goods storage
  • Distribution of frozen products

You can’t afford frequent or unexpected shutdowns. Whether your application involves low temperatures or extreme freezer conditions, we engineer and fabricate conveyors that can handle the challenge.

Lauyans EPS low temperature conveyors are developed for safety as well as performance. Our equipment can be designed for quick change-out, allowing maintenance to be performed outside the freezer. In addition to creating a system that is safer to maintain, the change-out design of our low temperature conveyors assures absolute minimal downtime.

Low temperature conveyor equipment typically provided:

  • AS/RS Pick-Up and Delivery Stations (See Transporter 2007)
  • Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR)
  • Transfer Cars
  • Transfers (Roller and/or Chain)
  • Powered Turntables (Roller or Chain Conveyor Deck)
  • Dumpers
  • Stackers / Destackers

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