Empty Tote Carton Conveyor

Whether your conveying needs are simple or complex, Lauyans EPS is here to assist. Depending on project requirements, we can provide standard, catalog conveyors or for more complex projects we can design equipment to suit the application. From lightweight cartons to 40,000 pound tanker cars, we’ve handled just about everything.

  • Extremely high or low temperatures
  • Automated production processes
  • Precise positioning for robotic unitizing

We have placed hundreds of custom applied solutions for interfacing with Automated Storage and Retrieval cranes.

Chain Driven Live Roller

Wherever heavy or bulky loads are conveyed in the form of pallets, drums, boxes, bins, bales, etc., Chain Driven Live Roller conveyor should be considered. This conveyor works in a broad range of temperatures. It is effective in clean as well as in heavily contaminated environments.

Chain Conveyor

Unit loads that are large, small, heavy or light can be ideally transported by Drag Chain, or simply, Chain Conveyor. Flexibility makes this type of conveyor a natural consideration for many types of difficult unit loads.

Heavy-Duty Conveyor

Situations that require moving very heavy loads, operations with demanding conditions and unusual load sizes are typically out of the reach of catalog conveyors. Special situations and demands require the experience, the engineering ability and the manufacturing capability to handle materials that are beyond the capacity of off-the-shelf conveyors.

High Temperature Conveyor

Conveyor that works reliably in forges, foundries, and autoclave operations with temperatures up to 2,000F is not just about reliable material handling. It’s also about maintenance, longevity, and protecting personnel from extreme conditions.

Low Temperature Conveyor

Handling product in temperatures as low as -20F requires equipment that operates reliably in that environment. Conveyor, turntables and transfer cars for low temperature applications involving freezers, blast coolers and other sub-zero environments must be designed and manufactured with low temperature conditions in mind.

Belt Conveyor

Some items, such as cases and boxes, can best be transported on belt conveyors. Belt conveyors are also economical where higher conveying speeds or changes in elevation are necessary. With a few details from you, Lauyans EPS can determine if this is the best possible means for conveying your products.

Gravity Roll Conveyor

In some situations with certain products, “simple” and “economical” can be the best choice. This is where Gravity Roll Conveyor might fit the need. The Lauyans EPS team can study your conveying needs and make a recommendation for the simplest and most economical way to handle your material handling needs.

Overhead Conveyor

Often material handling situations require an economical solution that can free up floor space, provide for in-process storage, take away trash or bring empty boxes to pickers. Overhead conveyor can be an ideal solution in these cases.

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In designing your custom conveyor system solution, we focus on your needs, your business, and your budget.