Over/Under Conveyor

Lauyans EPS designs over/under conveyor solutions that provide stored and staged returnable pallets and containers, which assure the timely delivery of parts to line-side operators. Options include:

  • Gravity roller or powered conveyor
  • Single or multiple queue zones
  • Ergonomic positioning (Operator adjustable height or Tilt)
  • Turntable

Over/under conveyors are primarily used to reduce space for line-side unloading of pallets or containers. They utilize a self-contained pallet-handling over/under loop. Typical sequence of operation would be:

  • Full containers to be staged on a lower level. When an operator requires more parts, the container will move into a work-in-process station where the operator has ergonomic access to the parts.
  • When the container is empty the operator presses a button to initiate the container change out process. The empty container is lifted to the upper conveyor level where it is staged for pick up by a material handler.
  • The lift unit moves to the lower level to accept the next full container and the cycle starts over.

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