Tote Collectors & Dispensers

Lauyans EPS tote machines are designed to handle a single-sized tote within the machine magazine. Totes with, or without, attached lids can be processed in our semi-standard machine design.

Tote Collector

  • Primary use is to build stacks of totes so they can be stored in less space
  • Automatically creates a stack of totes
  • Receives a single tote from the material handling system
  • Releases a stack of totes back into system
  • Stores a large quantity of totes

Tote Dispenser

  • Primary use is to automatically destack nested totes
  • Receives a stack of totes from the material handling system
  •  Automatically dispenses single totes back into system
  • Stores a large quantity of totes·        


Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor Features and Options

Machines provided with control panels including PLC for fully automated operation.

Lauyans EPS can design tote collectors and tote dispensers to meet your production needs with many features and options to meet your specific requirements. 

  • Stops to position load
  • Clamps to hold bottom tote while de-nesting
  • Special grippers for odd-shaped totes

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