A Custom Conveyor System That Makes a Difference

Our client is one of the top producers of specialty elastomers in the world. Specialty elastomers? Typically, this is what we call synthetic rubber.

WM Kelley was chosen to engineer and produce a new R&D line. The R&D process allows our client to create the proper chemical composition of synthetic rubbers to meet their clients’ product criteria.

In this R&D process, synthetic rubber is formulated for specific specifications and made into bales. The bales are used to make prototype rubber products such as tires, belts & hoses, sports equipment, and medical devices. The end products go through precise testing to insure that they are appropriate to the needs of the end user. If not, the R&D lab reformulates the rubber.

WM Kelley produced a custom conveyor system to convey completed bales using chain driven live roller (CDLR) conveyors with stainless steel rollers. To increase efficiency, bales are accumulated on the conveyor to allow the operator to monitor up stream production equipment. At the end of the conveyor system, an operator uses a vacuum lifter to place the bales into containers. The containers move the bales to be processed into the final product.

The vacuum lifter supplied by WM Kelley helps to protect the operator against injury and fatigue. It speeds the process of handling the bales as well.

As part of the custom conveyor system, WM Kelley also provided the mechanical and electrical design. This supplied our client with what was nearly a turnkey conveyor system. Electrical components included the Enclosure, PLC, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and all sensors needed to accumulate the bales. The HMI allows the operator to respond to real-time data, to make adjustments and to receive feedback from the system.

WM Kelley provided what is, on the surface, a simple system. Looking more closely, you’ll realize it isn’t. In the end, what we designed, engineered, and produced is exactly what our client needed.

What products are you producing? What issues do you need to resolve to smooth the production process and ensure you satisfy your clients?

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