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Is Your Product at the Extremes of Length, Width or Weight?

Do you have trouble moving it safely and efficiently through your production process? Our client came to us with a complex situation. It was complex because the product required special handling. Size – up to 60’ long x 24” wide Positioning – They needed to perform operations on one side of the material, flip it … Continued

Pallet Accumulator & Dispenser

Lauyans & Company’s customer came forward with a request. They wanted a pallet accumulation system for their process. Pallets that had been accumulated and stacked need to be dispensed individually on demand to a waiting Automatically Guided Vehicle (AGV). The customer had a demanding list of requirements: Five to six pallets would be manually stacked. … Continued

Chain Transfer Between Parallel Conveyors

Lauyans & Company can provide a chain transfer that is designed to transfer loads between two (2) parallel runs of chain driven live roller (CDLR) conveyor. The chains fit between the conveyor rollers and are supported on a framework that can be raised/lowered with pneumatics, hydraulics or mechanically depending on the environment. This allows the … Continued

Palletized Load Stacker/Destacker

Lauyans & Company, Inc. helps its customers resolve many unusual material handling situations. One of these involves stacking two or more palletized loads for loading into trucks, Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) or to simply reduce the length of a queue in an operation. As an example, Lauyans & Company produces a unit designed … Continued

Pallet Load Checking System

A request came from a customer that had purchased material handling systems from Lauyans & Company in the past. They liked the durability of the equipment as well as the ease with which Lauyans & Company’s systems meshed with the application software they already had in place. The customer wanted a system that would take … Continued