Palletized Load Stacker/Destacker

Lauyans & Company, Inc. helps its customers resolve many unusual material handling situations. One of these involves stacking two or more palletized loads for loading into trucks, Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) or to simply reduce the length of a queue in an operation.

As an example, Lauyans & Company produces a unit designed to stack (2) pallets, one on top of the other. The systems controls send a signal to the Stacker / Destacker and tell it whether to stack the next two (2) pallets or to let them pass through single height.

If it is to stack the next two (2) pallets, the first unit is conveyed in, raised to a set height and the support forks penetrate the pallet. The second pallet is then conveyed precisely underneath the first and then is raised until it contacts the first pallet. Then both pallets are lowered onto the conveyor. A chain transfer raises and conveys the stacked pallets to the next process.

If you are faced with a need to stack multiple pallet loads for any reason, contact Lauyans & Company immediately so we can discuss possible solutions.