Is Your Product at the Extremes of Length, Width or Weight?

Do you have trouble moving it safely and efficiently through your production process?

Our client came to us with a complex situation. It was complex because the product required special handling.

  1. Size – up to 60’ long x 24” wide
  2. Positioning – They needed to perform operations on one side of the material, flip it 180 degrees and perform the same operation on the opposite side. This had to be done without damaging the material or creating a safety hazard.
  3. Thru-put – The process had to take place at a minimum of 120’ per minute
  4. Process – The product was fed from one side of the station and removed from the opposite side

Lauyans & Company accepted the order for an engineered to order, turnkey custom conveyor system that included multi-strand chain conveyor equipment, a rollover device with powered roller conveyor (chain drive live roller conveyor or CDLR, in this case), the control devices, mechanical and electrical installation, start-up and complete conveyor system integration.

The result, as shown in the attached pictures, is a system that fits neatly into our client’s production process for valuable savings.

If your product is cumbersome, at the extremes of length, width or weight, Lauyans & Company can help you design a way to properly move it through your production process with custom material handling equipment.