Conveyor Systems

How do you remove the fat from an operation?

Look through the applications Lauyans EPS has designed and produced for our clients over the years. Many are conveyors that move products from one part of the production process to the next one. Others are work cells that allow a specific operation to be performed in the process as product passes through the cell. Here … Continued

Forging Furnaces

Very Hot! Very Heavy! How to Move It? A Lauyans EPS client manufactures forging furnaces for various processes. In this project, their client needs a conveyor system to convey stock lengths of steel bar, from 17.68” to 19.76” in diameter to a saw where it is cut into lengths. The length of the blanks range … Continued

Material Handling With Custom Conveyors Can Be Simple

As defined by the Material Handling Industry Trade Group, MHI, “Material handling is the movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal. As a process, material handling incorporates a wide range of manual, semi-automated and automated equipment and systems that support logistics and make the supply chain … Continued

Custom Heavy Duty Conveyor To Process Orders Efficiently

A Lauyans EPS client processes steel for manufacturing operations. In an earlier blog post, we detailed another part of the operation that conveyed shot-blasted sheet on heavy duty conveyor by Lauyans EPS. Please see earlier posts. In this operation, structural steel shapes are cut to size. The full-length shapes are brought to a saw with … Continued

Conveyor Systems designed to handle a hazardous by-product

Industrial processes can produce by-products that can be hazardous. Lauyans and Company recognizes that this can be an important part of our services to our customers when we design conveyor systems. This customer came to Lauyans with a situation that required a custom conveyor system. Why? Because they are processing glass. Glass tubes. Glass particles. … Continued

Chip Conveyors – Supporting Automotive Machining Cells

Automotive machining systems for engine blocks, heads and other components are a marvel of modern manufacturing. These systems solve production issues, scale productivity, lower cost, and increase flexibility. What common problem do these systems face? Lauyans and Company’s customer is a large, U.S.-based automotive manufacturer. The operations produce engine blocks, cylinder heads and other components. … Continued

Is Your Product at the Extremes of Length, Width or Weight?

Do you have trouble moving it safely and efficiently through your production process? Our client came to us with a complex situation. It was complex because the product required special handling. Size – up to 60’ long x 24” wide Positioning – They needed to perform operations on one side of the material, flip it … Continued

Heavy-Duty Conveyors: Proving Our Claim

If you go to Lauyans & Company’s website page for Custom Conveyor Solutions, we make a claim you can take to heart, “If your process requires moving heavy, unique-sized or hard to handle loads, we can help.” We’re very serious about that commitment. Read on. Lauyans & Company’s customer manufactures wind turbine masts. You can imagine the … Continued

Minimizing Material Change-over Time

Lauyans & Company’s customer is a manufacturer of stamped metal products for mass consumption. They use a process to blank pieces from sheet steel in a press. The sheets are conveyed to the press in stacks. Lauyans & Company designed and manufactured heavy-duty, Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) conveyor for this purpose. A fork lift … Continued

Efficiency for the Automotive Industry

Lauyans & Company’s customer works with major automotive manufacturers. They provide carpeting and pads using recycled materials. The product for this project is the insulation padding to reduce noise and insulate the passenger compartment. First, the material is pressed into shape to fit the floor boards of an automobile. A water jet is used to … Continued