Custom Heavy Duty Conveyor To Process Orders Efficiently

A Lauyans EPS client processes steel for manufacturing operations. In an earlier blog post, we detailed another part of the operation that conveyed shot-blasted sheet on heavy duty conveyor by Lauyans EPS. Please see earlier posts.

In this operation, structural steel shapes are cut to size. The full-length shapes are brought to a saw with an custom, heavy duty chain driven live roller (CDLR) in-feed conveyor. Heavy duty roller guides position the material. The saw cuts the material to length and transfers the pieces to an exit conveyor. Both use heavy duty 4” rollers with external bearings to support the weight.

A hydraulic pusher is used to transfer the cut lengths to a collection stand where a forklift operator can pick the material for bundling and loading.

Lauyans EPS has solved material handling challenges for our clients since 1986. Our clients save money with Lauyans EPS equipment. The equipment lasts many, many years.

Spec sheet LP00435
In-feed Conveyor
In-Feed Conveyor Detail
Pusher removes cut-to-size material from outbound conveyor
Conveyor Pusher mechanism on outbound conveyor
Pusher mechanism