Material Handling With Custom Conveyors Can Be Simple

As defined by the Material Handling Industry Trade Group, MHI, “Material handling is the movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal. As a process, material handling incorporates a wide range of manual, semi-automated and automated equipment and systems that support logistics and make the supply chain work.”

Material handling custom conveyors 1
Material handling custom conveyors 2

In our blog, Lauyans EPS has many examples of semi-automated and automated custom conveyor equipment systems we’ve developed, manufactured, and installed for its clients (scroll and read below). Some are quite complicated. Now, we want to show you something simpler but equally effective. We want to show you a manual conveyor system for full tote queuing, tote dispensing to the parts picking zone, and empty tote queuing.

Material handling custom conveyors 3
Material handling custom conveyors 4

In this case, our automotive industry client needs to move production parts from a dense storage area to the next stage of the assembly process. Basically, multiple automotive style containers are queued in gravity flow lanes. Upon call from a system operator, a specific tote may be singulated to a Manual Cart. Parts are picked from the tote while staged on the cart, where these picked parts may now proceed to the next process in assembly. The empty totes are queued in the exit lanes, for forklift pick up.

The video below shows the operation of the simple custom conveyor system that Lauyans EPS conceived, built, and delivered for this client. This example represents a cost-effective way to protect employees against injury and to improve productivity. We provided a way for this client to make their supply chain work at a reasonable price.

Perhaps you need for your supply chain to work better. Maybe you do not need anything elaborate. Let’s talk… Then let us innovate for you. We do well at innovating for our clients.

Watch how this system works. Click Here!