Conveyor Systems designed to handle a hazardous by-product

Industrial processes can produce by-products that can be hazardous. Lauyans and Company recognizes that this can be an important part of our services to our customers when we design conveyor systems.

This customer came to Lauyans with a situation that required a custom conveyor system. Why? Because they are processing glass. Glass tubes. Glass particles. And glass dust results from the process.

Our customer produces high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade glass tubes. Occasionally tubes are rejected. Our conveyor system allows the rejects from the process to be rolled onto a belt conveyor and conveyed to a crusher. The crushed glass particles are then conveyed to a bagging system and on to recycling. This must be done within the confines of normal daily production without hampering the flow of production.

A unique requirement for this system? Much of the conveyor system had to be designed and built so the interior was in a vacuum. Why? Because of the dust from the grinding operation. Glass dust is hazardous to anyone in the plant.

Lauyans & Company produced conveyors that meet these specifications. We met the customer’s time and budgetary goals. This is another example of “Innovative Engineering Solutions” upon which Lauyans has built its business.