Minimizing Material Change-over Time

Lauyans & Company’s customer is a manufacturer of stamped metal products for mass consumption. They use a process to blank pieces from sheet steel in a press.

The sheets are conveyed to the press in stacks. Lauyans & Company designed and manufactured heavy-duty, Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) conveyor for this purpose. A fork lift places a stack of sheets on the end of the conveyor. That stack is conveyed into position next to the press. The fork lift then queues another stack of sheets. That stack is conveyed into place once the first stack is gone. The queue reduces machine downtime.

The company uses an overhead-mounted vacuum pick-and-place transfer (part of the customer’s press) to remove a sheet of steel from the top of the stack, place it into the press and stamp out multiple parts from that sheet. The parts and scrap are cleared, another sheet is inserted into the press and the process repeats.