Chip Conveyors – Supporting Automotive Machining Cells

Automotive machining systems for engine blocks, heads and other components are a marvel of modern manufacturing. These systems solve production issues, scale productivity, lower cost, and increase flexibility. What common problem do these systems face?

Lauyans and Company’s customer is a large, U.S.-based automotive manufacturer. The operations produce engine blocks, cylinder heads and other components. Lauyans and Company was asked to solve a specific issue they faced.

The operation uses machining centers linked within automated manufacturing cells. Each machine in a cell produces metal chips as part of the operation. The chips must be removed constantly by a chip conveyor for the machine to continue to function. They are conveyed to a recycling operation.

Lauyans and Company provided an enclosed, Scraper Conveyor System designed to remove the metal chips and collect them for recycling. The chips and coolant are separated automatically.

The requirements? A continuously-running conveyor system that allows the machining centers to function with the most efficiency possible.

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