Pallet Accumulator & Dispenser

Lauyans & Company’s customer came forward with a request. They wanted a pallet accumulation system for their process. Pallets that had been accumulated and stacked need to be dispensed individually on demand to a waiting Automatically Guided Vehicle (AGV).

The customer had a demanding list of requirements:

  • Five to six pallets would be manually stacked.
  • The system had to accept pallets that were of different thicknesses and of different construction (block and stringer types).
  • The system was designed to hold approximately 108 pallets in the queue.
  • The pallets would be squared in two dimensions to prevent jamming.
  • The pallets would be collected in stacks of up to 18 pallets.
  • Pallets would be dispensed one at a time upon demand.
  • Communications between pallet accumulator and Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGV) would be accomplished wirelessly.
  • The equipment would have sensors that had been pre-wired in Lauyans & Company’s facility.
  • Minimize field wiring by using remote Input / Output terminals.

Lauyans & Company completed the project to meet all the requirements. Please see the accompanying pictures for more details.

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