Handling 2400-Degree Steel Billets? That is a Hot Hopic!

A Lauyans EPS customer is a global manufacturer of heavy-duty truck and trailer suspensions. White-hot steel billets are forged into truck trailer axles. The billets are QA checked on the way to the forging station. Watch the video below to see how Lauyans EPS designed and manufactured material handling equipment for this demanding situation. Lauyans … Continued

Do You Have Confidence in Your Product’s Quality?

Precision welded steel tubing is used in many automotive applications. Passenger seats and body stiffening are only two. The demands are exacting. Length and straightness (bow) must be within specs. The ability for the tubing to maintain a specific pressure or to contain a fluid is important often. When a company has millions of feet … Continued

Acquisition Update to Lauyans & Company, Inc. Customers

To Our Valued Customers, We would like to announce the merger of Lauyans & Company, Inc. with 100% Employee Owned W. M. Kelley Company, Inc. of New Albany, Indiana. Lauyans & Company is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company providing industry with conveyor systems and permanent magnet solutions. Established in 1986, we have served our … Continued

Material Handling With Custom Conveyors Can Be Simple

As defined by the Material Handling Industry Trade Group, MHI, “Material handling is the movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal. As a process, material handling incorporates a wide range of manual, semi-automated and automated equipment and systems that support logistics and make the supply chain … Continued

Custom Heavy Duty Conveyor To Process Orders Efficiently

A Lauyans EPS client processes steel for manufacturing operations. In an earlier blog post, we detailed another part of the operation that conveyed shot-blasted sheet on heavy duty conveyor by Lauyans EPS. Please see earlier posts. In this operation, structural steel shapes are cut to size. The full-length shapes are brought to a saw with … Continued

Heavy Duty, Custom Conveyor Systems Designed for a Steel Processor

Lauyans & Company’s client processes steel for manufacturing operations. They needed a way to offload plate steel from a shot blast operation. The solution was a chain driven live roller (CDLR) conveyor. It allowed the client to offload multiple sheets of steel. The sheets were then picked up by a forklift and moved to the … Continued

A new decanting line for aged Kentucky bourbon

A Kentucky bourbon distiller asked Lauyans & Company to help with a new barrel decanting line. Aged bourbon in 650-pound oak barrels is brought into the building where, barrel by barrel, the bungs are removed, and the bourbon is decanted. The empty barrels are then conveyed back to a pickup point and removed for re-sale … Continued

Light. Simple. With problems. Custom conveyors addressed everything.

Some of Lauyans & Company’s customers require the ability to handle extremely heavy loads. Or loads in frigid temperatures as well as loads that are close to the melting point of steel. But many of our projects involve handling simple, every-day items that are light in an environment common to most manufacturing facilities. But often … Continued

Automation for Palletizing Dairy Products

Lauyans & Company’s customer is an integrator specializing in food processing equipment. Their customer, a large dairy processor, needed a robotic palletizer. Lauyans & Company provided an automatic pallet dispenser for the system. The dispenser only handles pallets; “food grade” was not a criterion. Lauyans provided the design and build; the integrator provided the Motor … Continued

Conveyor Systems designed to handle a hazardous by-product

Industrial processes can produce by-products that can be hazardous. Lauyans and Company recognizes that this can be an important part of our services to our customers when we design conveyor systems. This customer came to Lauyans with a situation that required a custom conveyor system. Why? Because they are processing glass. Glass tubes. Glass particles. … Continued