Light. Simple. With problems. Custom conveyors addressed everything.

Final Installation
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Quick disconnect for easy field installation

Some of Lauyans & Company’s customers require the ability to handle extremely heavy loads. Or loads in frigid temperatures as well as loads that are close to the melting point of steel. But many of our projects involve handling simple, every-day items that are light in an environment common to most manufacturing facilities. But often with a special twist. That’s where custom conveyors are essential.

This is the situation Lauyans & Company faced with this customer. They make tubes that handle caulk. Simple, light plastic tubes. But they had needs specific to their manufacturing processes. This is where Lauyans saw the opportunity to make a difference for this customer with custom conveyors.

The customer needed to feed two different processing lines. Lauyans was awarded this job because all the standard equipment was far too large to fit into a packed area. Custom equipment was the only solution.

During the process, an operator dumps the tubes into the Lauyans supplied hopper from a 4×3 ft. box using a standard box dumper. A belt conveyor built into the hopper wall conveys the tubes up a slope to a second, horizontal belt cross-conveyor. That horizontal conveyor is reversible. It allows the customer to send the tubes to two different processing lines.

There were some issues to be resolved.

First, the tubes would bridge at the bottom of the incline conveyor. To ensure that the tubes continued to convey, Lauyans & Company installed a quiet electric vibrator in the bottom of the feed hopper. Problem solved.

Then, due to the tight floor layout, the customer asked Lauyans & Company to design the support for the horizontal conveyor to provide extra space.

Lauyans performed a turnkey, mechanical installation of the equipment with a project manager onsite.

Lauyans & Company’s projects tend to be special. They are often complicated by something that would otherwise appear to be simple. Our ability to deal with unusual issues is an important service to our customers.

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Quick disconnect for easy field installation