Fork Truck and AGV Load / Pick-up Station

Fork Truck and AGV Load / Pick-up Station

Often Lauyans & Company customers need a material handling system that will interface with a material handling device such as a fork truck or an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). A load needs to be precisely placed on a slave pallet, or picked up from one.  The Lauyans Fork Truck and AGV Load/Pick-up Station serves this purpose.

This station will transfer slave pallets off a main line conveyor and onto a pick-up station. The 3-strand chain transfer transports to slave pallet off-line and lowers it onto a static stand. The fork truck operator can then get the forks under slave pallet. Or an AGV can get under the load.

In a situation where a load is added to a mainline conveyor, the process can be designed to operate in the opposite direction with the same equipment.

In the case of the AGV, Lauyans & Company can provide systems controls that allow the material handling system to interface automatically with the AGV.

The importance of this type of application is it allows Lauyans & Company to specifically tailor a material handling system to our customer’s detailed and specific needs.

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