Heavy Duty Conveyors – Meeting Every Challenge

When applications require heavy-duty conveyor systems designed to perform under demanding conditions, Lauyans & Company rises to the challenge. Our thirty years of experience developing material handling solutions includes heavy-duty conveyors engineered to accommodate unusual load specifications and harsh environments.

Our heavy-duty conveyors are designed to not only deliver consistent and reliable performance, but also meet a host of environmental and job specific challenges:

Abrasive Airborne Dust

Environments such as foundries can contain abrasive airborne dust that is damaging to the mechanisms that comprise a conveyor system. Engineering a heavy duty conveyor that can withstand these environments means the addition of features such as special seals and enhanced safety features.

Extremely Wide Loads

Extra wide conveying applications cannot typically be handled with conventional conveying systems. Specially designed rollers are engineered to manage these demands. When a roller is not designed to handle wide loads, shaft deflection can cause bearings to fail prematurely.

Super Heavy Loads

Loads that are unusually heavy may require live shaft rollers. Pillow block or flange mounted bearings may be needed, but many competitors use standard pressed in bearing and fixed axle rollers which can lead to premature failure.

Lauyans heavy-duty conveyors are developed to customer specifications and constructed of heavy structural, formed steel. They are equipped to manage a wide range of needs from small footprint/heavy concentrated loads up to large shipping containers with weights up to 50,000 pounds.

Heavy-duty conveyor equipment we typically provide:

  • Multi-Strand Chain Conveyor
  • Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR)
  • Transfers (Roller and/or Chain)
  • Transfer Cars
  • Dumpers
  • Stackers / Destackers
  • Powered Turntables (Roller or Chain Conveyor Deck)

In contrast to the many standard catalog conveying systems that are available, Lauyans heavy duty conveyors are designed and manufactured to meet virtually any heavy-duty conveying need.