High Speed Pallet Transfer System

Lauyans & Company has been designing material handling equipment since 1986. We’ve succeeded because we produce material handling solutions for unusual situations. This has secured our reputation for innovative engineering solutions.

Our customers often have unusual products to handle. Or a very difficult environment in which to work. Or a production system that requires special handling as product progresses through the operations.

In this case, Lauyans & Company was presented with a situation where the customer had tried other material handling solutions. Those solutions didn’t fit the need. That need? Product stability and a high rate of through-put using a pallet transfer system.

Here is the situation:

  • The customer was handling pallet loads of product that had been stacked to maximum height
  • The need was for pallet transfer at a high rate of speed
  • Sometimes the pallet transfer processed broken pallet loads of products, resulting in unstable loads that spilled upon acceleration and deceleration. This created a safety hazard, a potential for damaged product and a dramatic increase in time to complete the operations
  • The loads had to be precisely positioned as they moved from one station to the next
  • Our customer wanted a full run-off of the pallet transfer system prior to leaving the factory. The run-off would resolve any remaining questions before installation and start-up

Lauyans & Company’s Solution:

  • A high speed pallet transfer car with stations for two pallets of product. Speed: 700 FT/MIN
  • Special grippers at each station of the pallet shuttle car to support both full and partial loads on the pallets during acceleration, deceleration, and transfer
  • A laser positioning system to precisely locate the pallet transfer car and load for accurate loading and off-loading
  • A full run-off at Lauyans & Company to demonstrate speed, positioning of product, and stability of loads in the pallet transfer system

The final result was a high speed pallet transfer car that could safely support pallet loads that weren’t always stable, position them precisely for off-loading and maintain schedules.

If you have an unusual product to handle, a difficult working environment or demanding through-put specifications, Lauyans & Company can help you, too. How? Our innovative solutions can help you with increased productivity, profitability and reliability. We can provide you with equipment and services to meet your unique situation. And we provide custom equipment at a reasonable cost.

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