For Special Applications – Transporter 2007™

Lauyans & Company, Inc. has developed many types of Special Application material handling equipment over the years. Our equipment is often selected because it will be used in extreme temperatures, high humidity or hostile environments that include nuclear and medical waste.

Some of the most crucial equipment is needed for Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) equipment to precisely locate pallets and containers at the interface with the Pick Up and Deposit stations. This equipment automatically positions the load securely and accurately for crane interface. Operating in demanding and difficult environments requires additional care when choosing equipment.

The Transporter 2007™ as designed to be used in AS/RS freezer applications that require the ability to function reliably at sub-zero temperatures. Pallet loads are transported from the mainline conveyor and presented to the stacker crane within a ±1/4″ tolerance. The innovative Transporter replaces four (4) pieces of conventional conveyor equipment. It eliminates the use of hydraulic lift tables at the stacker crane interface and also eliminates 75% of the drives.

Transporter 2007

Installation and startup of the Transporter 2007™ is greatly simplified due to its single-piece construction. Electrical devices and optional controls are prewired and tested at Lauyans & Company prior to shipment. This reduces overall cost of installation, field wiring and startup of the system.

Maintenance time is also reduced by the unique modular design. All of the major components can be pulled out and quickly replaced insuring production down time is at a minimum. Simplification is essential in a freezer environment. There are also visual and audio aids to help maintenance personnel detect a potential problem before it becomes serious.

The Transporter 2007™ can be used for other unique applications. Allow Lauyans & Company to be creative in solving your application and exceed your expectations.

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