Harsh environment? Use an automated autoclave transfer car

Lauyans & Company’s long-time customer disposes of contaminated medical waste. The waste, in orange plastic bags, is brought from medical facilities to the plant. The bags are transferred from the trucks into large bins, the bins and contents are sanitized at high temperature in autoclaves and the waste is land-filled.

The environment is a difficult one for machinery. High temperature coupled with moisture from steam is hard on the mechanical components of the conveyor system. Lauyans & Company has been the vendor of choice for this equipment because of a successful, years-long history with equipment that can stand up to these harsh conditions.

In the case presented in the video below, Lauyans & Company’s customer needed a transfer car to take bins loaded with medical waste from an inbound conveyor to feed and unload an autoclave. Up to four bins can be conveyed onto the transfer car which then moves to the door of the autoclave and discharges the bins into the autoclave. When the bins are in the autoclave, the transfer car sets them on stands and pulls back so the door to the autoclave can close. The sterilization cycle begins. Once the cycle is complete, the doors open, the transfer car retrieves the bins and moves them back to the conveyor line to continue the disposal process.

There are several things notable about the transfer car beyond the ability to withstand a harsh environment.

  1. The ability for the transfer car to bridge an approximately 30” gap at the entrance to the autoclave with up to four loaded bins.
  2. A rail system that supports the bins and then raises them approximately 1 ½” to take them off the transfer chains of the conveyor and set them on stands in the autoclave. This is achieved in a simple, trouble-free manner using air pressure in large braided hoses to raise the rails of the transfer car.
  3. The ability to place bins in the autoclave and then remove moving machinery from the heat of the autoclave.

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