Load Lift / Rotate Station

Lauyans & Company has provided customers with conveyors for assembly lines. Often these involve multiple stations where operators perform load, unload, assembly, and packaging operations. Our load lift / rotate station will convey loads into a station where they can be safely lifted to an effective and convenient height for the operator. When needed, the … Continued

Fork Truck and AGV Load / Pick-up Station

Often Lauyans & Company customers need a material handling system that will interface with a material handling device such as a fork truck or an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). A load needs to be precisely placed on a slave pallet, or picked up from one.  The Lauyans Fork Truck and AGV Load/Pick-up Station serves this … Continued

Tire Downender

This Tire Downender is designed to accept tires that are received in a vertical orientation. It then discharges the tires in a horizontal orientation. The tires roll down a chute into the device. They land in a tubular framework that pivots down 90 degrees and lays the tire onto a chain drive live roller (CDLR) conveyor. … Continued

Zoned Accumulation Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor

This conveyor is designed to handle and accumulate large (4’ x 8’) steel pallets. The loaded pallets are deposited onto the conveyor by an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) stacker crane. The first pallet is conveyed to the far end of the conveyor. Then, a pneumatic lift device raises the load off the conveyor … Continued

Pallet Stacker

Lauyans & Company has designed this Pallet Stacker to stack two (2) pallets with the first on top of the second. The systems controls send a signal to the stacker and tell it whether to stack the next two (2) pallets or to let them pass through single height. If it is to stack the next … Continued

Power Faced Diverter

Lauyans & Company designed this Power Faced Diverter to divert product from one conveyor to another. It has three different operating positions that are controlled by back-to-back pneumatic cylinders. The center position allows product to continue in a straight line on the conveyor in which it enters. The other two positions divert the product from the … Continued

Harsh environment? Use an automated autoclave transfer car

Lauyans & Company’s long-time customer disposes of contaminated medical waste. The waste, in orange plastic bags, is brought from medical facilities to the plant. The bags are transferred from the trucks into large bins, the bins and contents are sanitized at high temperature in autoclaves and the waste is land-filled. The environment is a difficult … Continued

Robotic Conveyor Systems: Three Reasons to Look for a Customized Solution

The key to a successful robotic integration is choosing the right supporting elements for a seamless implementation. The conveying system specified must be suited to the degree of accuracy and repeatability that the robot can achieve. There are many things to look for in a conveyor supplier for your robotic integration – one is the … Continued

Maximizing Service; Reducing Costs At Lower Volume

Any company that manufactures components knows the value of volume. Costs spread over many pieces are lower than costs spread over a few pieces. But that’s not always possible. What if the operation produces, say, replacement parts? Economies of scale may not be available. But the demand must be satisfied to maintain a high service … Continued

Palletized Load Stacker/Destacker

Lauyans & Company, Inc. helps its customers resolve many unusual material handling situations. One of these involves stacking two or more palletized loads for loading into trucks, Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) or to simply reduce the length of a queue in an operation. As an example, Lauyans & Company produces a unit designed … Continued